Licence Migration


We're in the process of migrating from our old server to our new one and I need to know how we can switch our lifetime pro licence over from the old server to the new one so we can then transfer all the domains over as we have over 200 to move.

Lifetime Licence Order: 2317

Very many thanks




Hi andreycek

Many thanks it was this bit I was worried about that we might get to 10 domains or something on the new one and then get stuck...

Install Virtualmin onto your new server using the script. If you're using Virtualmin Pro, it's okay to use your same license on both servers during your migration.

My way was a little but more complicated than yours I think but basically the same results so far... I did 10 initially and just another 117 left to go now. :)

Very many thanks again.


Me again... now we're getting the following error message... :(

Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : Virtualmin has been installed from an RPM, but not using the Virtualmin GPL repository. Upgrading is not possible at this time.

Which doesn't look very promising to me...

that was entering the code manually...

wget -O\&key=6QC3YJizgM; /bin/sh

is a bit better as it gets past entering your desired host name then locks up with fatal errors not far after that...

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Pete... XP8Df6BcVUFMTuTr

Hmm, it appears as if Virtualmin GPL is already installed on that particular server.

That would prevent the current install script from working properly.

Did you perhaps install Virtualmin GPL previously? If not, is it possible that your provider installed it for you?

That would need to be removed though.

Also, I see some third party software repositories that are enabled -- it's possible those could cause trouble too. You may want to disable repositories that aren't enabled by default (in this case, that includes epel, epel-testing, webtatic-archive, webtatic-el5, and webtatic-testing).

Is this a VPS or a dedicated server?

FYI I've started a fresh install and will use your recommended instructions and hopefully that will then resolve all of the previous issues as we were finding more and more problems the further we went on with the previous installation.

I'll let you know how it goes and very many thanks again for all your help.

All the best


Yes, that seemed to do the trick... but at the end of a long wait it just said backup failed... So back to transferring them across manually one by one... :)

Many thanks again for your help


We're glad that you have a workaround, though we'd be more than happy to go over the issue you're seeing with the "backup failed", if you like. We'd hate to see you have to transfer some 200+ domains one at a time.

If you have any questions, or want to troubleshoot that issue more, please feel free to let us know.