Copy contacts from domain with new namecheap account

What do we put here or do we HAVE to register at least one domain with them manually before this can be setup? If the latter is the case, this needs to be clearer in the documentation or there needs to be some context help with that entry for namecheap. If I put nothing, it gives an error saying "Failed to save account : Missing or invalid-looking domain to copy contacts from". If I put a domain entry in there it simply says that that domain doesn't exist on their server.



Unfortunately you need to have one domain manually created already to copy contacts from, due to the way their API works :-(

Thanks Jamie. Are there any plans to expand the available registrars for this module in the near future? I think I mentioned that I already have an account with resellerclub and they have a WHMCS interface and their own API which was mentioned by someone just a few days after Joe introduced the module.

We could certainly add more - as long as potential candidates have an API that is usable by regular users (not just high volume resellers).

So it looks like the API is only available to resellers though. Do you know what their initial deposit required to get started is?

They don't have a minimum deposit. All they say is it is an advance payment system and you have to have enough funds added to your account before you can make a purchase.

Cool - I'll take a look into it then.

Thank you!!!