Rename virtual FTP option to something less confusing

About once a week, we get queries about the "Setup virtual FTP server for domain" option on the domain creation page. Everyone (and I mean everyone) thinks it is an option that needs to be on in order to enable FTP access for the domain, despite the existence of a FAQ entry about it, several forum posts about it, and the popup help explaining what it really means.

It needs to be relabeled to something that sounds less appealing. Right now, people see it and say, "well of course I want FTP, how else am I suppose to upload my files? And it says it's virtual FTP which sounds even better, much more modern and computer-y...I'll take two!". Maybe we should change the label to "FTP access that gives you warts (and makes it possible to allow anonymous access for this domain)", or just something a bit more clear.

How about: "Setup IP-based virtual FTP" At least this would forewarn the user that they are asking for something that requires an IP address. And we can probably drop the "for domain" bit, as it should be obvious that it is for the domain--everything on this page is. But if this doesn't work, we'll have to threaten them with warts.

Closed (fixed)