scheduled backup failure - gzip failed

Hi, I've been running into this issue for the past week on one of my servers. The backup seems to proceed until gzipping the mysql dump.. which is approximately12GB. The site in question is very large and so I've instructed the backup to be sent to an NFS share. I've also set Webmin to use that same share as a temp folder...

The problem I believe is that Virtualmin doesn't seem to be using that temp folder for the mysql dump, it uses ~/.backup instead... which would run out of space... should it not use the default temp folder set for Webmin? is there somewhere this can be changed?



Yes, by default Virtualmin will dump the gzipped MySQL database into ~/.backup and then tar up the domain's whole home directory. It is possible to use a different format though, which is less efficient but may avoid this issue - on the backup form, you need to select "One file per server (old format)" in the "Backup format" field.