Backup 4 virtualmin server to one location

Hello Joe/Jamie and Eric

I have 4 virtualmin server

2 i am running from home and 2 are in remote location

I like to some how setup backup software where i can have all the information if in case something happens

things i like to keep in back up is

virtualmin configration + all domain files ( files i can use to restore the server)

I know I can use alot of 3rd option but I am looking for some thing cheap solution

Please advice




Howdy -- if you use the Virtualmin backup (available in the "Backup and Restore" section of Virtualmin), you can use that to backup all of your Virtual Servers, along with the Virtualmin configuration.

Regarding Virtualmin settings -- that would preserve things like your Server Templates and Account Settings, the Features and Plugins that are enabled, and similar settings within Virtualmin.

Regarding the Virtual Servers -- that will backup all the data stored in the Virtual Server home directories, including the website and email, along with databases, Apache settings, DNS, and such.

You can configure it to backup locally, or to a remote server using SSH, FTP, S3, and the like.

If you wish to backup more than what's being included in the above, you can go into Webmin -> System -> Filesystem Backup, and you can backup additional files and directories.

Will that do what you're after?