Deleting FTP users should not delete associated user directories

This issue had been discussed on support forums: but never was filed as an issue.

If you delete FTP users then directories associated with those FTP users get also deleted. One of our customers did so and because we had to restore his website from the last backup he lost lots of data entered since the date of last backup.

The files and directories of the documents roots should always be independent of any additional FTP users. Virtualmin admins can create lots of temporary FTP users with access to various parts of websites, but when times come to remove those FTP users, they should not deal with this dependency issue.

I believe this is critical issue that needs to be addressed ASAP.




Howdy -- can you describe the process you used to add the users in this case?

In the Edit Users screen, were those users added with the "Add a user to this server" option, or "Add a website FTP access user"?

I am not sure how the users had been added to this server, however I believe regardlessly how exactly users are added into the system the actual directories should never get deleted.