administrator locked out of webmin/virtualmin

i tried adding the default webmin administrator as an admin on a virtual host and the (default) admin is now locked out of most admin functionality in webmin/usermin.

This is preventing me from doing anything. I am presently trawling through file system looking for a way to reverse this so the default user has full admin rights. I cant do this through web interface because access is greatly reduced thinking default admin is now a virtual host admin.

This looks like a bug.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.



previously when i logged in with default administrators credentials i had access to full functionality of webmin/virtualmin.

now when i log in i get access only to the virtualhost i recently added... virtualmin has assigned the default admin as the owner of the virtualhost and somehow lost ownership of the default administrator...

So the quick fix for this is to SSH in as root and edit the file /etc/webmin/webmin.users . Find the line for your admin login, and change it to :

XXX: *

where XXX is the username. Then run :

rm /etc/webmin/*/XXX.acl

I'm interested to know exactly what steps you took that triggered this situation though, as it seems like a Virutalmin bug.