How to configure SSL for Magento multi-store setup


I have a client who wishes to use the Magento multi store feature in an existing Magento instance under Virtuamin, On the face of it, this is simple - on a test server, we have set up the new domain as an alias of the existing one in Virtualmin, and all the multi-store magic is done in the .htaccess file, which works perfectly.

However, the catch is that the client now wants to run both stores under SSL, and each is in a separate domain. Aliases servers don't offer a distinct SSL setup for the 2nd cert, so the logical thing to do seems to be to create a sub-server and point it at the same document root as the existing server,

Under Apache this is easy to do, but I'm concerned that it may cause issues in virtualmin, not least because of the possible confusion between the configuration of the two domains.

As far as I can see, my options are to: - - Create a sub-server and share the document root, which frankly feels like a bodge. - Create the 2nd virtual host in Apache, entirely distinct from Virtualmin, which seems like a much safer solution, but has the minor disadvantage that the client will not see it in Virtualmin.

Am I right in thinking that the first choice carries an element of risk/confusion, or is there a better way then keeping this at the Apache level?

I'm happy to do it in Apache, but was concerned that I was missing something in Virtualmin, so this question is as much a sanity check as anything.






Howdy -- with aliases, there isn't a separate SSL option, as they're actually all contained within the same Apache config section.

A Virtual Server, and any alias servers, are all part of the same Apache config block, and can only handle one SSL certificate.

However, one option there is that you could use one of the multi-domain SSL certificates.

It's one certificate, containing multiple domain names.

There are many places that offer these at a variety of prices, but one example is this one here for $30:

Would that do what you're after?

Im having issues when setting up the second domain on magento I managed to setup magento2 everything is running perfectly on but when adding still cab t figure it out any advices on the recommended steps and settings on virtualmin pro?