Horde v3 instead of v5

Hello :)

So i had the other topic, but it was about phplist in the end (wanted to rename but not sure I can), so here is a new topic for horde.

I wanted to install, but the version with virtualmin is 3.3.13 while now they are at 5.2.1.

Do you think it's possible to have the last version?



Howdy - thanks for opening a new topic! This is the perfect place to discuss Horde. Though, unfortunately, the news is bad news.

Due to the way Horde works, Virtualmin has been unable to support it as an Install Script with recent builds... the latest version offered as an Install Script is 3.x.

Horde is now designed to be installed system-wide, via PEAR. That's unfortunately not compatible with shared hosting.

We'll probably remove Horde altogether soon, since 3.x is rather old.

Our suggestion as an alternative would be to use RoundCube, and use various RoundCube plugins to add in the functionality you're after.

Ok that's what I thought when I saw they were using pear since v4.

I've installed roundcube it's actually pretty nice, I'll keep looking at this then :)