403 on disabled domains

After I disabled a domain, I noticed the following line was added to the website's Apache conf file:

AliasMatch ^/.*$ /etc/webmin/virtual-server/disabledweb/140{...}871.html

However, Apache denies all request by default. Visitors will get a 403 page every time they visit a disabled website.

I manually added the following code into the website's conf file:

<Directory /etc/webmin/virtual-server/disabledweb>
require all granted

It works.



Jamie, this sounds like an issue with systems using Apache 2.4.

BTW, for newly created virtual server, the problem also exists. I have to manually add "require all granted" to the conf file

Hmm, are you using the most recent Virtualmin version?

The latest version should add "Require all granted" into the Apache config when adding a new domain. I verified just now that it works properly on my Ubuntu 14.04 test system.

If you're using the most recent Virtualmin version, is this server using a brand new Ubuntu installation? Or was it upgraded from an older Ubuntu version?

Yep, I'm using the latest Virtualmin. The server was a brand new Ubuntu installation, however, all the virtual servers were migrated from Ubuntu 12.04