Multiple PHP and associated packages

I am now running PHP 5.3.3 & 5.4.16 but am getting issues where packages like Soap are not showing. I assume that they are installed for 5.3.3 but not for 5.4.16.

Can I also install these for 5.4.16?

If I remove PHP 5.3.3 would there be any issues?



Howdy -- I wouldn't recommend removing the PHP 5.3.x packages that you have, and those shouldn't interfere with anything on your system.

Any modules you've installed for PHP 5.3.x won't be available for PHP 5.4 though, but it's just a matter of installing those additional packages.

You can see the various packages available by running "yum search php54"

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 07/23/2014 - 22:04 Pro Licensee

Libraries built for the alternative PHP version should be independent of the older version. i.e. they should get their own directory structure.