Issue importing email with ensim migration

Hi, I've been speaking with andreychek on IRC and he recommended that I submit a ticket here to have this issue resolved. When importing an Ensim backup it does everything fine except it doesn't import the email correctly. The account are created correctly with the proper passwords but email doesn't show up. I was able to get permission from my customer to upload a backup to you guys for testing. This backup seems to have some mail in the trash folder as I was browsing through it so you can look there to see some old email that doesn't show up when connecting to the email server. You can see that the backup places email in the wrong directory from what I can tell by browsing around. I'm not sure if the email is in the right format though. I will be emailing the URL and login details to andreychek to retrieve the backup. Thank you for your time!



I'm doing some testing on the backups he has supplied. It seems that, in some cases at least, there is email in mbox format that isn't converted to Maildir.

I'm working with him to get more details, once we have the specifics sorted out I'll update this request with what we're seeing and how to reproduce it.