Ubuntu 14.04 install fails


Today I did a fresh ubuntu 14.04 server install with only the ssh-server. Reboot, update, upgrade ..... reboot.

Then downloaded en started the virtualmin GPL script but it failed with: virtualmin-base, unmet dependencies. See the attachment.

Tried to install the dependencies but the libgd2-xpm seems to be unknown.

What can I do?

Best regards,

Robert Jan Bruins



Thanks for the report!

It looks like there's a problem with the repository metadata for the Ubuntu 64 bit repository. I've passed this information along to Joe, he is looking into that.

Just tried to install also on 14.04 also got fatal errors.

WARN - 2014-07-21 22:23:15 - apt-get seems to have failed. Are you sure your OS and version is supported?
WARN - 2014-07-21 22:23:15 - http://www.virtualmin.com/os-support
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:15 - Fatal Error Occurred: Installation failed: 0
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:15 - Cannot continue installation.
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:15 - Attempting to remove virtualmin repository configuration, so the installation can be
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:16 - re-attempted after any problems have been resolved.
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:16 - Removing temporary directory and files.
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:16 - If you are unsure of what went wrong, you may wish to review the log
FATAL - 2014-07-21 22:23:16 - in /root/virtualmin-install.log

mvander25, you may be seeing a different problem than the original poster -- I'd recommend verifying that you have a /etc/issue file, and that it contains your distribution/version. If not, take a look at /etc/issue.net. Some users have reported that /etc/issue was blank, and that they needed to copy /etc/issue.net over top of /etc/issue.

We haven't been able to reproduce when that occurs, but we'll be modifying the installer to handle that case.

Okay, regarding the original issue, with virtualmin-base and unmet dependencies -- can you try the installation again? Joe has rebuilt the repository, which should hopefully correct that issue.

Locutus, I'm not sure if that would correct the issue you mentioned or not, but I'll follow up with him on that shortly.

Thank you for the quick reply, that seems to have worked.

Did that and now the install works.

Only the mailman list isn't created. Created it by hand and so far everything is looking good.

Thanx for the quick response!

The problem returned.

Today I tried to do a clean installation on Ubuntu 10.04.1 and again missing libgd2-xpm

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
virtualmin-base : Depends: scponly but it is not installable
                   Depends: procmail-wrapper but it is not installable
                   Depends: libgd2-xpm but it is not installable

Can you recompile repositories ASAP?

314TeR - were you installing on Ubuntu 10 or 14 ?

Okay, the issue with installing virtualmin-base should now be resolved. There was a repository metadata problem that was causing it to try and install an incorrect version.

It should be working properly now, and it should no longer depend on any of the packages that were previously causing an error.

Let us know if you see any other issues... thanks!

I'm really sorry, it was about version 14.04.1, I do not know why I wrote 10.

Now everything is nicely installed. Thank you very much for your quick response.