i did a restore of a single domain and i cannot see the website

after restore of cypruspapers.com , initially i got an error this page cannot be displayed, then i found out a file 0-cypruspapers.conf.com and i removed 0- from the beginning, then the logs gave another error /something/virtualmin/disabled/a numerical file.html , then i created that file as it was missing and now i get an empty screen, i believe it has to do with permissions on some folders but i dont know how to fix it thanks



Howdy -- the "0" on the front of that filename is normal, that just makes it so that this particular domain is the default one within Apache. It won't cause any problems though -- all that would matter is the contents of that file, not the filename itself.

Is this domain by chance disabled though? If you go into Virtualmin's Disable and Delete option for that domain, make sure that it doesn't offer an "Enable Virtual Server" option. You should just see two options in there, one to disable, and another to delete that domain.

If that doesn't help -- since you appear to be using Virtualmin GPL there, the best place to troubleshoot this with you in the Forums.

If you could open up a new Forum thread, and let us know what exactly you're seeing in your $HOME/logs/error_log file, that'd be great. Thanks!