I like to know where in virtualmin i can adjust the value of "max_input_vars" for php



Howdy -- you can set max_input_vars by going into Services -> PHP5 Configuration -> Edit Configuration Manually, and there you will see your entire php.ini file. You can either edit the existing setting there, or if it doesn't exist, you could add it to your php.ini file.

where i can add this line

please advice




You can add that anywhere you want in the file; it doesn't matter what order those parameters appear in.

which option is right option





You might wish to try something like this:


I don't recall if it accepts a comma or not; but it will definitely work without one :-)

this does not work when running php-fpm. I went to virtualmin>services>php-fpm configuration>Edit configuration manually

and added to above line took my entire webmin/virtualmin server offline...none of the php dependant website remained functional. Poor advice that is not spelled out or updated for current versions!!!

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Hello @adamjedgar :) Thanks for your contributions to Virtualmin

The steps above are for FCGId mode. Notice that those comments above were posted years ago. Back then FCGId was the most frequently use PHP script execution mode. And FPM was not yet fully supported by Virtualmin. In other words, those steps above implies that they are for FCGId not for FPM. If you use FPM (PHP-FPM) those steps would likely not work.

The steps for FPM are at

This is a note to myself, today I updated my comment #6 above