Upgrade to Webmin version 1.690 wiped out virtualmin module

The current apt-get update to webmin / virtualmin wiped out the virtualmin module, and I was only able to see the Webmin page when logging in. I had to manually install the virtualmin module and restart the webmin services to get it back to where it was prior to the update.



Howdy -- we're sorry that you had a problem upgrading Webmin!

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to reproduce the issue that you saw using our test systems. That particular Webmin version has actually been out for a couple of months now, but we hadn't previously heard any reports of that occurring.

What process did you use to initially install Virtualmin; did you by chance use the install.sh script?

Also, how did you manually install Virtualmin after that problem took place, did you use the .deb package?

Initially I used the install.sh script. It has been about 16 to 18 months, and this is the first issue.

To manually install the module, I used the link to the .gz file and installed it through webmin.