SOOOO Many problems with Ubuntu

Could you recommend what your system of Vmin and Webmin work best with. I have your product and I am using it on Ubuntu 12.04 server. I also have 14.4 Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu has too many issues. This just started in the last 6 months. I want to switch the version of Linux I am using.

  1. What is the best distribution (Debian, Redhat, or whatever) and version to use.
  2. Do I need to do anything different once I reinitialize the disk and add the server programs?

I have redone the server a couple of times but these two questions will help.

Thank you,

Thomas Rendleman



Howdy -- any Grade A supported distro should work well for you. You can see the list of supported distros here:

If you run into a problem with a distribution, let us know and we can work with you to go over what isn't working properly.

Ubuntu is one of our more popular distros, second only to CentOS. I personally use Ubuntu on all my systems, Joe and Jamie prefer CentOS. However, both should work well.

When re-installing a server, there isn't anything special you need to do; you can just install a copy of your preferred distribution, then run the script.

Yes, the entire CentOs 6.x line is supported.

Also, we will soon be releasing support for CentOS 7. That support should be available in the next few weeks.