Virtualmin php-fpm

I think it's the time to add php-fpm to virtualmin!


There are several ways to serve PHP applications: mod_php, cgi, lighttpd fastcgi??. None of these solutions come close to PHP-FPM, a FastCGI Process Manager written by the nginx team that’s been bundled with PHP since 5.3. What makes PHP-FPM so awesome? Well, in addition to being rock-solid, it’s extremely tunable, provides real-time stats and logs slow requests so you can track and analyze slow portions of your codebase [1].

[1] Corona S., "Scaling PHP Applications", Leanpub, 2014, Page 5



Howdy -- thanks for your interest! We're keeping an eye on PHP-FPM, but we're not quite ready to add it in yet.

We'll continue to review it and do some testing though.

Sorry we haven't done anything on this yet, but we also haven't forgotten about it!