Request to add additional On/Off type for custom field options

Currently, we can create only Yes/No selection type in the custom fields. We would like to use this feature to get customer's preference to turn that or another service on or off for the virtual server. So On/Off selection would fit much better. Could you please add them too? Thanks for consideration.



That could certainly be added. Would it work if "Yes" was mapped to "1" and "No" was mapped to "0" for the actual variable that is passed to pre/post creation scripts?

Sure, that would be fantastic.

By the way, about currently available Yes/No, unfortunately $VIRTUALSERVER_FIELD_CUSTOMNAME returns no any output unless some value is to the box next to Yes/No type. And we initially thought that will do for our purposes putting "Yes" to the empty field. Thus we were getting two outcomes: "Yes" if Yes is chosen and empty result if No is chosen. However, in the course of writing our script we are coming to the opinion we need three different states: YES (to do some action), NO (to do another action) and EMPTY (NO CHANGE) (not to do anything).

Could you please elaborate on

(1) what we are doing wrong and why $VIRTUALSERVER_FIELD_CUSTOMNAME doesn't return anything unless we put some value in the next box?

(2) If thats expected behavior and we need treat empty result as NO, then how can we track if there was change during VS editing?


Actually, I think what you really want in this case is the "Menu" field type. The adjacent box can then be used to enter the path to a file of options, which can be formatted like :

1 Yes
0 No

Hi Jamie,

That sounds like a good solution to our situation, we'll see to try it. Nevertheless, please accept our request for On/Off option. Thanks!