Virtualmin - GIT Module


I have activate the GIT module on one of my domain, create a repository and create a FTP account allow to connect on this GIT repository.

When I'm try to connect with a client I have this message "git-htttp-push-failed", can you help me please ? Ang GIT web don't work too, my user access is not allowed to connect, help please ?



Howdy -- if you look in the Apache logs for that domain, located in $HOME/logs/error_log, do you see any errors in there when trying to access the git repository?


Please find my error log :

Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/baclor/public_html/git/monprojet.git/ user not found: /git/monprojet.git/info/refs user not found: /git/test.git/info/refs user baclor: authentication failure for "/git/test.git/info/refs": Password Mismatch Directory index forbidden by Options directive: /home/baclor/public_html/git/test.git/

Any idea to help me please ? I wait to have GIT working before the copying of my websites

Do you see all of those errors, every time time you attempt to connect to git?

The errors you're seeing there appear to be unrelated to each other.

Is there any chance you could try connecting to git again, and check which errors are newly generated?

Also, what username is it that you're attempting to login as?

Yes I have always this problem and I have never successfull login with test, and baclor. Have you an idea please ?

On my GIT client I have this message : git-http-push failed. Maybe ot's helpfull to find the problem ?

Maybe you are using the wrong Git login? Virtualmin logins for IMAP, FTP and Git are typically like test-baclor

now the message is 'http-push' is not a git command, an idea ?

There are several possible causes of that error, but one of those is if the local git repository was initially setup using the wrong username.

You could either try removing the local git repository and checking it out again, or you could edit .git/config and make sure that the usernames mentioned in there are all correct.


i have check in this file and it's ok for the 2 usrnames, how I can check the other error please ?