Standard repositories for Virtualmin

I have made some changes to standard repositories and would like to get them back as in a standard virtualmin pro installation, which one of them should be enabled? On /etc/yum.repos.d repos are: CentOS-Base.repo CentOS-Debuginfo.repo CentOS-Media.repo CentOS-Vault.repo virtualmin-bleed.repo virtualmin.repo

Instalation has CentOS 5.10 with Virtualmin 4.08. Virtualmin-bleed was added to get php 5.2.

Now I need to get to upgrade php to 5.3 or higher.



Howdy -- the CentOS repositories you listed there look normal for CentOS 5.

Regarding PHP 5.3.3 -- CentOS began providing a version of PHP 5.3.3 beginning with CentOS 5.6.

You can see them by running:

yum search php53-

You can use those packages in place of the ones you currently have installed. You would need to remove your current ones, and then you could replace your original PHP packages with those php53-* packages.

Only these two packages are not found in PHP 5.3,

php-pear-1.8.0-1.el5.vm php-mcrypt-5.2.17-1.el5.vmbleed

Searching the web I found that remi repository & EPEL repo contains mcrypt.

What would be the best option to get those packages installed?

Unfortunately, CentOS doesn't provide an mcrypt module for PHP... that's the case in both 5.1.6, as well as 5.3.3.

You would need to be careful using a third party repository, but if you require mcrypt, I would try EPEL first. However, my suggestion would be to test it on a test server before installing it on your live server.

Also, it doesn't appear that CentOS provides a different version of pear for PHP 5.3.3. Does the original pear version you already have installed install modules for PHP 5.3.3?

I believe mcrypt is used only for one script that I can live without it, regarding pear, it seems to be same issue. Will see if I can setup a test server, otherwise will go direct to 5.3.3 without those two packages.