Get The Connection was Reset message when trying to send email


I have this virtualmin gpl setup only to handle email. Works great but I setup a new account today which seems to work fine except it throws the attached error after composing an email, the error occurs when clicking SEND.

How can I correct this?

-- Craig



Hmm, if I uncheck "Check for spelling errors" it works w/out issue! Ideas on what's up with that?

Howdy -- after clicking send, what errors do you see in these two log files:


Not sure this is related but I see a ton of these:

[06/Jun/2014:12:57:12 -0400] [] Document follows : This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL <a href=''></a> instead.<br>

Nothing of note in the maillog. Of course we have a lot of traffic so it could be I"m just missing it...