/var/webmin/diffs folder large


I have 5 servers and on one (sv02) the /var/webmin/diffs folder has grown quite large

running "du -sh /var/webmin/diffs" on the servers I get..

sv02 - 1.3G sv03 - 116M sv04 - 331M sv05 - 19M sv06 - 12M

The were all loaded from the same AMI and are all running the same systems

Webmin version: 1.684 Virtualmin version: 4.08 Pro Theme version: 8.7 Kernel and CPU: Linux 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 on x86_64 Operating system: Debian Linux 6.0 Perl version: 5.010001 Path to Perl: /usr/bin/perl BIND version: 9.7.3 Postfix version: 2.7.1 Mail injection command: /usr/lib/sendmail -t Apache version: 2.2.16 PHP versions: 5.3.3 Logrotate version: 3.7.8 MySQL version: 5.1.73 ProFTPd version: 1.33 SpamAssassin version: 3.3.1 ClamAV version: 0.97.8

Is there a way to fix this?

Cheers Greg

Closed (works as designed)


Yes, you can reduce the log retention period in Webmin at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Logging, in the "Periodically clear log files?" field.

Thanks for the prompt reply Jamie

I set "Periodically clear log files?" but after 24 hours "du -sh /var/webmin/diffs" is still showing 1.3G

How long should it take before it removes some of the files?

Cheers Greg

Have you performed any actions in Webmin in the last 24 hours? Clearing only happens when some action (which makes a change) occurs.

Hi Jamie

Can you tell me what action in Webmin would trigger thus as I have done all sorts of things but it has made no difference.

Cheers Greg

Something that changes the system, like adding or removing a user.

Hi Jamie

I went it to Webmin Users and added a new user but it has made no difference.

Are there any files or directories under /var/webmin/diffs that are more than 1 day old?

There are 178 folders in the /var/webmin/diffs folder, they days back to Jul 2013 and with the most recent today

Do you have a /var/webmin/webmin.log.time file on your system, and if so what is the modification time on it?

Yes there is a /var/webmin/webmin.log.time file and it has a timestamp of 2014-05-23 16:01:06.

That looks OK..

Can you delete the /var/webmin/diffs directory manually, with a command like rm -rf /var/webmin/diffs ? Or does that fail?

I was able to delete the /var/webmin/diffs directory manually, it gave no errors.

Can you also try running the following command and let me know what it outputs :

grep -e logclear -e logtime /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

Hi Jamie

I ran "grep -e logclear -e logtime /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf" and got the following output

logtime=168 logclear=1

That also looks OK .. and on my test systems, log clearing works fine. I think I'd have to actually login to your system myself to debug this further.

Hi Jamie

I am happy to give you access but we only allow ssh and Virtualmin access via a VPN, if you can give me an email address I can send you details etc to gain access.