Cannot Receive Mail


I am new at VPS + Vitualmin. Just created my site with Virtualmin but now i have a problem. The problem is that i can send mail but cannot receive mail, I check my usermin but found no mail. And then i saw that on postfix configuration that i have to set up a map which looks like this Now can anyone tell me what i have to do there?

Thanks for any support. Ninetailz



Howdy -- if you can't receive email, we would suggest reviewing your /var/log/mail.log file, to see if there are any error messages.

If you don't see any references to incoming email, we would then suggest verifying with your ISP that they aren't blocking incoming email, as some ISP's do.

If that doesn't help -- since you appear to be using Virtualmin GPL, you would want to use the Forums for obtaining support. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

If you open a new Forum thread, let us know when message(s) you see in /var/log/mail.log when sending yourself an email.