Default Name Servers


I wanted to find out if i am doing this correct. I want the same nameservers for all the virtual hosts.

  1. Virtualmin - system settings - server templates - default settings - bind dns domian Additional manually configured nameservers: Master dns server hostname - Hostname:

  2. Webmin - networking - network configuration - a. Hostname & dns client Hostname: or do i put

b. Host Addresses,localhost IP Address




Howdy -- for setting the nameservers for your domains, you don't need to change the hostname of your server, or the /etc/hosts file.

However, you would indeed want to set the "Master dns server hostname" field in the BIND DNS Server template.

Also, if you have any secondary/slave DNS servers, you can set them in the "Additional manually configured nameservers" field on that same screen.

Once those are set -- Virtualmin will add those as "NS" records for any new domains that are created.