Request updated Mailman package


Can we get an updated Mailman package (2.1.18). See for details.

-- Craig



Howdy -- I had heard about that issue, and it's unfortunate that it occurs... however, we don't provide the Mailman package, that comes from RHEL/CentOS.

Do you know if they've commented on whether they intend to update it?

This is actually Debian Wheezy, if that matters.

Can I install manually? Will that break virtualmin?

It looks like the version of Mailman available in Debian Wheezy is 2.1.15, and Jesse and Unstable both use 2.1.16.

Do you know if they backported the changes for Yahoo into those versions?

It didn't seem like it from this discussion here:

Regarding the update on CentOS -- there are often problems in using manually installed software versions. It's capable of working, but we'd advise caution :-)

If you're considering that, our advice would be to try it on a test system first, before putting it on your live server.

We've been keeping an eye on the issue, as we're hoping that distros will release an updated Mailman version soon to handle that.

For debian I don't think the DMARC stuff is solid until 2.1.18-2... I don't do much debian so if I manually install the latest mailman I'm guessing it will break mailman, correct?

Unfortunately, we're not aware of any distros supported by Virtualmin that provide Mailman 2.1.18.

Though if you see otherwise, let us know where you see that and we can look into the package they're providing.

Manually installing software is always capable of causing problems, and we'd suggest testing that on a test/development system before doing so on your live server.

We generally recommend against using non-standard software.

We're aware that sometimes you may not have a choice though -- in a circumstance such as that, we'd suggest finding or creating a .rpm or .deb package, and using that, rather than custom compiling software.

However, when doing so, always test it on another system first, don't test that on your live server.

Using non-standard software can cause things to break, and it may not be easy, or even possible, to fix it, if that happens. We may not be able to help you in that case, as we don't know anything about non-standard software. We only test on distro-provided software. So just do lots of testing first :-)