Alias virtual server DNSSEC removed when parent updated

If you update a DNS Record in a virtual server, any aliases of that virtual server are then updated. This makes perfect sense. The problem is that when the aliases are updated they are accidentally having their DNSSEC information removed. For example, I created a virtual server for and then created as an alias of Virtualmin is configured to setup DNSSEC automatically as NSEC3RSASHA1. I log into Virtualmin for, click "DNS Records" and add an A record of "testing". If I then look at the raw zone files for it still has the DNSSEC records present, however the raw zone file for doesn't have any DNSSEC records present (and it did before creating the "testing" A record).



I forgot versions. Virtualmin is 4.06.gpl, Webmin is 1.680 and CentOS is 6.5 with latest updates as of yesterday.

Have you tried upgrading to version 4.07? It might fix this issue ..

I just upgraded to 4.07 and the issue is still there.