Migrate Virtualmin Pro to New Hardware and New Domain Name


We started another company with a new DNS domain name in order to separate our hosting business from other IT business.

I would like to put up another Virtualmin Pro server on the new domain name (and new SSL cert), then migrate the virtual servers one at a time (over the next month or two) to the new server.

From a Virtualmin Pro licensing (and practical) standpoint, how should I go about this? I don't really want to buy or maintain another license if I don't have to since my need is temporary in nature.

My Virtualmin Pro support is up to date.

I already installed a new Virtualmin GPL for the new domain thinking I could use that. But ultimately, I'd like our Pro license assigned to the new server/domain.

Is it recommended and easy to upgrade from GPL to Pro?

Do I need to do anything specific in my virtualmin.com account? It appears I can easily change the username, e-mail address and such.

Thanks in advance,




Howdy -- it's actually no problem to put your Virtualmin Pro license on another server during your migration.

To upgrade a GPL license to Pro, you can go into System Settings, and in there you'll see an option for upgrading it to Virtualmin Pro.

Also, we have instructions here regarding how to migrate from one server to another:


That's fantastic.

Thank you very much.