Mails missing

I have a domain hosted on my Virtualmin before i had email and web, server mail is then passed to an external mail server, but the web, domain and control remained in Virtualmin, I deleted all mail accounts that had previously associated with this domain and evidently modified the DNS MX and SPF records to the external server, the mail works perfectly on the external server (Exchange) but not in the Virtualmin, I mean:

Email Virtualmin -> external Exchange Server - OK External Exchange Server -> Mail Virtualmin - KO

Foreign exchange from the server to any email account and / or domain located in the Virtualmin, no emails are received, the Exchange reports that it has successfully delivered on the server, but the mail account Virtualmin mail does not appear anywhere .

Any ideas??



Howdy -- if you look in the email logs in /var/log/maillog, does it show that your server received the email?

If so, do you see any errors or other problems occurring?

This is the log of receive mail:

Apr 29 10:39:51 hosting postfix/smtpd[6741]: connect from[80.xx.xx.153]
Apr 29 10:39:51 hosting postgrey[4166]: action=pass, reason=client AWL,, client_address=80.xx.xx.153, sender=marti@xxx.xx, recipient=jaime@xxx.xx
Apr 29 10:39:51 hosting postfix/smtpd[6741]: D7CF121C057D:[80.xx.xx.153]
Apr 29 10:39:51 hosting postfix/cleanup[13268]: D7CF121C057D: message-id=<A4A3DB4AE8C3B3xxxxxx5FB03E838748F06@xxxx.xx.local>
Apr 29 10:39:52 hosting postfix/qmgr[5044]: D7CF121C057D: from=<marti@xxx.xx>, size=10171, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Apr 29 10:39:52 hosting postfix/smtpd[6741]: disconnect from[80.xx.xx.153]
Apr 29 10:39:52 hosting spamd[357]: spamd: connection from [] at port 39401
Apr 29 10:39:52 hosting spamd[357]: spamd: setuid to succeeded
Apr 29 10:39:53 hosting spamd[357]: spamd: processing message <> for

I don't view any errors, but mail it's missing .. ¿???? i don't have in my folders ¿???

Okay, so in this case, the recipient is "jaime@xxx.xx"?

That means that the email is indeed reaching your server.

The next step is to review /var/log/procmail.log, and see where exactly procmail is delivering the messages. You can tell what path they're being delivered to there, as well as if there were any errors during the delivery.

I'm sorry i write a new post but i not save

This is the rest of log :

Apr 29 10:40:01 hosting spamd[357]: spamd: identified spam (7.2/3.0) for in 8.5 seconds, 10084 bytes. Apr 29 10:40:01 hosting spamd[357]: spamd: result: Y 7 - CK_HELO_DYNAMIC_SPLIT_IP,CK_HELO_GENERIC,HELO_DYNAMIC_HCC,HELO_DYNAMIC_SPLIT_IP,HTML_MESSAGE scantime=8.5,size=10084,,uid=618,required_score=3.0,rhost=hosting.xxxx.xx,raddr=,rport=39401,mid=A4A3DB4AE8C3B34693F88xxxxxFB03E838748F06@gasconsrv.xxxx.xx,autolearn=no

The ip of the exchange server it's static but it seems that detects as dynamic as I added that IP to the white list and can receive messages from the server, but how can I solve that problem or exclude this rule that I do not reject messages from ip's mail servers hosted behind these ip's correct but poorly detected??

It appears that the problem is related to the hostname of the server sending those emails (and perhaps the reverse DNS as well).

The hostname is being given as "".

While the IP may indeed be static, that particular hostname has the look of one that's dynamically allocated, and is triggering several anti-spam rules.

Would it be possible to change the hostname of that other email server so that it's in the format "host.domain.tld"?

This hostname its a reverse dns provided by reseller, its a great provider of internet in Spain called Movistar and i can not change :-( Can i change this option in Spamassasin??

Well, I suspect a lot of the issue would be resolved just by changing that server's hostname, since it appears to be identifying itself using that name. You may not need to change the reverse DNS.

That would also prevent you from having similar problems when sending mail to other mail servers.

However, you could also configure the IP address of your Exchange server to be trusted.

To do that, you can edit /etc/mail/spamassassin/, and in there, set the following:

trusted_networks x.x.x.x

Where x.x.x.x is your Exchange server's IP address.

Then, restart SpamAssassin:

/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart

After that, SpamAssassin should consider email coming from that IP to be trusted.

Just remember though that other server's on the Internet may have similar problems with email coming from your Exchange server, I'd recommend changing the hostname it's identifying itself as if at all possible.