How to backup and copy Other > Custom Commands to another system?

Nobody is reacting to my question on forums, so I thought I'd have better lack on the issues:

I know I can easily backup and restore Virtualmin configuration, but struggling to backup one of Webmin module's configuration. Namely, I've composed good list of Custom Commands in Webmin > Others section and would like to have them copied over to another system. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, Webmin > Backup Configuration Files doesn't list Custom Commands module in the list of modules which are possible to backup :(



The simplest way to do this is to copy all files in the directory /etc/webmin/custom to the new system.

In the next Webmin release, it will be possible to use the Backup Configuration Files module to do this.

Works great, thanks! Another relevant question, if you could elaborate please. Besides, the list of custom commands, I have created a new category (on https://mydomain.tld:10000/webmin/edit_categories.cgi) and re-assigned modules to it (on to make my own links convenient to myself. How could I quickly copy this configuration of custom category with Webmin modules in it to another system?

Copy across the files /etc/webmin/webmin.cats and webmin.catnames

cool! thanks! please also consider to make custom categories possible to backup through Backup Configuration Files feature.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Sorry for re-opening the issue, but I couldn't find an option to backup Custom Commands in newest version. Is there a chance this request was missed and closed by mistake?

No, this hasn't been implemented yet, sorry. Even though the Backup Configuration Files module would be a natural place for this, it is a little tricky to add as these files are separate from any module.

Well, then let's keep this active if you don't mind.