backups with mysql 5.6.6+


in mysql 5.6 they introduce a new feature

so now every script with "-u user -p pass" is displaying a warning: Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

all backups are marked as FAILED and am notify by email that the backup failed, but the backups are created and working fine.



Actually Virtualmin/Webmin shouldn't need to use the -p flag .. instead it passes the password in via the MYSQL_PWD environment variable.

The only time this won't be used is if /root/.my.cnf has a password specified in the [client] section.

yeah youre right, thanks. is this override to use "/root/.my.cnf" hardcoded in virtualmin or can i disable it / change the path somewhere?

You have to remove the password from .my.cnf - this breaks Virtualmin's ability to login to MySQL as other users.