Two IPs for each virtual servers ?


May you please have a look at this post in forum ?




Howdy -- I'll respond here, rather than in the Forums, so that Jamie can correct me if I'm wrong :-)

I don't believe there's a simple way to get a Virtual Server to listen on two IP addresses.

Virtual Servers are setup in a way that prevents that from working -- they only listen on one specific IP address.

Since your ISP is changing your IP address, my suggestion would just be to make the IP address switchover in the evening/night.

Then. by the time the morning comes around, most of the systems who cached your old IP address should be seeing your new one.

Also, to change the IP address in Virtualmin -- you can do that by going into Server Configuration -> Change IP Address.

No, we don't support having multiple IPs for a single domain.

Thanks you two for explanations and assistance ;)