"no log rotation configuration found!"


We have a problem using virtulamin 4.06 Pro. Whenever we try to rename a domain, virtualmin never detects logrotation configuration for every single domain we apply the operation.

Configuration files actually exist, and they are detected in Virtualmin>Features&Plugins>Log file Rotation. But when we try to perform rename or delete a domain, virtualmin never detects these config files:

Updating log file path in Logrotate configuration .. .. no log rotation configuration found!

We tried to remove and regenerate the whole set of config files, applying command line "virtualmin [disable/enable]-feature --all-domains --logrotate". Disable operation doesn't work too, so we have to remove /etc/logrotate.d/*.conf manually, and enable operation works creating new rotation config files, but the problem remain.

This problem is not happening in our Virtualmin 4.04 GPL testing machine.


Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- hmm, that's an unusual problem!

Do you see any errors if you manually run the logrotation? You can do that with a command such as the following:

logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf

That error means that Virtualmin couldn't find an entry in /etc/logrotate.conf (or a file included from it) for the domain's Apache access_log file.

Thanks for your answers!

I don't know why, but /etc/logrotate.conf file was wrong! It missed the "include /etc/logrotate.d" line.

I owe you a beer @Madrid :)

Cool, that would explain it.