having an issue installing a new ssl cert from thawte

I keep getting this error message when I try to install a cert from thawte

Failed to install certificate : Missing or invalid signed SSL certificate : Data does not start with line -----BEGIN\ CERTIFICATE-----

I'm inside virtualmin, server configuration, and manage ssl certificate, and new certificate and pasting in the new cert in the new certificate signed ssl area. I made sure that there was no empty spaces within the cert. Here is the first line of the cert maybe someone can help me investigate this




Howdy -- is it possible that the textarea begins with a space? It's possible that could cause the issue you're seeing.

Another alternative would be to take the file sent to you by Thawte that contains your SSL certificate, and to upload the file rather than copying and pasting it into the textarea.

I tried uploading the cert instead of pasting I'm still getting this error message

Failed to install certificate : Missing or invalid SSL private key : Data does not start with line -----BEGIN\ (RSA )?PRIVATE KEY-----

Any other suggestions? I just uploaded the cert as a txt file.

Ah, that's actually a slightly different error this time... it sounds like it's seeing a problem with your private key.

Could you paste in the contents of your SSL private key (just the first few lines would be fine)?

here it goes


If I can't figure this out is there any paid support options where I can get someone on the phone to assist?

So just to verify -- that's your private key, and not the SSL certificate provided by Thawte?

If so, that may be the problem -- that actually isn't a private key, it looks like a different kind of certificate.

While we don't provide phone support -- don't worry, we'll help you get things sorted out. If we get to a point where we aren't sure what the issue is, we can always log into your system to take a look at what you have there.

Thanks for your reply Andrey this is the ssl key from thawte. I generated the csr from virtualmin send it over to thawte and this is what we received back.

Ah, it sounds like you're referring to the SSL certificate.

There's also an SSL Private Key that goes with that. It's generated at the same time that you generate the CSR.

If you go into the home directory for this particular Virtual Server (ie, in /home/USERNAME), what does this command output:

ls -l ssl*

sorry for the delay in response, can we setup a remote session so you can take a look at the system? i'm open to using teamviewer or whatever else you prefer.

the command you told me to run shows 4 files ssl.ca ssl.cert ssl.csr ssl.key

Hi Andrey I never heard back from you but I got this issue resolved. Thanks this ticket can be closed.