domain show up as default but not when called directly


I have a strange problem here. The default domain shows when external DNS are pointing to my server while the domain doesn't exit. But when you call the default domain by its URL, I get the default apache http server test page.

I have looked inti the config file for apache and the virtual host is there just like any other.

Any ideas on this one?



This is an odd issue indeed, since if you defined a default page for the domain, the Apache "dummy page" should not be able to show up anymore at all.

If you're interested, and if the Virtualmin team doesn't have a quick solution, I can offer to do a quick screen sharing session, I suppose that would speed up finding the reason for the problem considerably. Feel free to contact me at Skype, user "Loc2262".

Hello Locutus.

I am not at liberty to install a screen sharing session software on this computer. Maybe from my home computer if the core team doesn't find anything.

Thanks a million for the offer.


Howdy -- it sounds like you may be dealing with a configuration issue of some sort within the Apache config, possibly an IP address mis-match. The IP address from your server would need to be what's being used within the VirtualHost blocks in Apache. For example, if your server is on a NAT setup, Apache would have the internal IP address listed in it, not the external address.

There's some additional troubleshooting tips for the problem you're seeing here in the section "The wrong site shows up":

However, it looks like you changed from Virtualmin Pro to GPL a couple of years ago... if you're not longer using Virtualmin Pro, you'd want to use the Forums for support. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

If you open a new Forum thread about this issue, one thing that'd be helpful is to see the output of "/sbin/ifconfig", as well as your Apache config file, "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf".