Website redirects only for SSL / non-SSL

I was just trying to use the "Server Configuration -> Website Redirects" function to create an http->https redirect. I found that that function adds the redirects to both the SSL and non-SSL virtual host.

Suggestion: Allow the user to choose whether a redirect created with that function goes to the non-SSL and/or SSL virtual host.

(I know I can create the redirects directly in Webmin's Apache module, but well, you know... Virtualmin is about comfort. ;) )

Closed (fixed)


Jamie, this is a pretty good idea if it's feasible within the Website Redirects screen.

Setting up a redirect from a non-SSL site to the SSL one is a common reason folks would add a redirect, but it sounds like the current method would cause a redirect loop when doing that.

Yep, Eric is exactly right. :) At this time, since the redirect is added to both the non-SSL and the SSL site, it'll result in an endless loop. Firefox nicely informs me about that when I try to load the page.

That's a nice idea - I'll look into this.

This has been implemented, for inclusion in the next Virtualmin release.

Jamie the coding machine did it again. ;)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.