Adding a Physical system behind a firewall


I'm trying to add a Physical system to Cloudmin which is behind a firewall and I'm getting "Failed to initialize SSL connection" in the error logs on the system I'm trying to add

I have ports forwarded via nat from 10150 --> internal box port 10000. Cloudmin just hangs there.

Do you have an idea of what's not working here?

Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- normally, Cloudmin would use port 10000 -- and Webmin RPC uses 10000 - 10010.

My suggestion would be to forward all those ports, along with SSH on port 22, to your internal server, and see if that corrects the issue you're seeing.

I know that will solve the issue but the firewall is another Webmin / Virtualmin box.

Is it possible to manually adjust the ports it's using? Or is possible to use tunnelling?

You can change the main port Webmin listens on, at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Ports and Addresses. Tunneling isn't possible though.

Thanks for that Jamie