WordPress/Multisite install scripts should have option to include "themes" and "plugins" folder on install

It would be extremely useful to have an option to include themes and plugins folders so that new installs of WordPress can have themes and plugin files copied to the /wordpress/wp-content/plugins and /wordpress/wp-content/themes directory automatically, so the user can have themes and plugins pre-installed for them.



Do you mean that Virtualmin should create those folders, or that it should install some common themes and plugins by default?

I mean, we can have WordPress plugins and themes copied from a pre-existing folder where they already exist. Basically, just have an option to choose the folders to copy from and put it in the /wp-content/plugins and /wp-content/themes for the user automatically.

I think it's the second one "it should install some common themes and plugins by default" as an option.

I'll look into this - it would be a departure from the way most script installers work, as they are self-contained and only install the default app. Also, I'm not sure if the install process for a wordpress plugin is as simple as just copying it to the appropriate directory.

That's exactly how you install themes and plugins manually. If you copy plugins and themes into their respective folders, WordPress will recognize them. You still have to click enable plugin/theme to use it.

I think it would could be an option for the customer, to preinstall themes/plugins. It would greatly make it easier for a newb who doesn't understand WordPress have essential plugins and themes available to them.

Perhaps if the Wordpress installer for Virtualmin had an option to install a common set of frequently used plugins and themes?

The WordPress installer doesn't need to. The admin can create folders with themes and plugins already in them. The Virtualmin installer just needs to ask the user if they want to install the optional themes/plugins for them, and if yes to copy the contents of the folders to the users' /wordpress/wp-content/themes and /wordpress/wp-content/plugins folders for them. If no, don't copy anything.