email is not working

I have question how to make email working on my this setup was running from my server

website was ok and email was ok

Now I decided to forward this domain to another domain >>>

I also use godaddy as my dns

I did modify the mx setting on my server no luck

I like to know how i can do this

forward the domain and still able to orward the domain

Please let me know if this is possible




Howdy -- when you say that it didn't work, what problem are you having exactly? Do you receive any error messages?

email was working fine before on

now since i forward the domain to and still left the original mx setting to server ip address.

when I try to send email it is not working

Let me know if it is possible that website domain is forward to another domain and still able to run the emails

Thanks Paul

Well, I'm not sure what's meant by "forward", it depends on how the provider implemented that -- however, you said you setup MX records, so it sounds like that should be able to work.

Let us know more about the problem you are having though -- what error messages you receive, any bounce messages that occur, and what you see in the email logs, and we can use that information to troubleshoot the problem.

It might help if you could tell us the actual domain name(s) in question. Like, which domain did you "forward" email-wise to which, and which IP address / hostname was responsible for it before, and which is now. With that information, we can do some name resolution tests.

Also, like Eric said, it's important to elaborate "email is not working". Like, we need to know what precisely you're trying , from where you are trying to send email to where, where it should be "forwarded", and what exactly happens instead (error messages, log excerpts etc.).