Backup Virtualserver and transfer using SSH backup option fails

Hi Support,

Since last two releases on VM it seems no longer possible to successfully use the Virtualmin Backup with the SSH (external) backup option.

This results in a missing backup. According to the logfile it is completed successfully but nothing is uploaded to the SSH server. As the backup automatically is removed from the source server and no upload has been done..... No backup has been stored.... :-(

Without a proper warning this is risky. Please investigate.

In the mean while I backup on the local disk and manually transfer the file to the external server.

Log (mail and server)

servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors. Virtualmin configuration settings backed up successfully.

Deleting backups from local file /backup/scheduled/virtualmin/full older than 90 days .. .. no backups to delete were found



Howdy -- I did some testing, but I wasn't able to reproduce an issue with transferring a backup to an SSH server.

So that we can troubleshoot your issue, could you paste in the full output or log message you receive when generating a backup that is transferred via SSH? Thanks!