Post-Installation Wizard - Virus scanning- ERROR

Hi Support,

Why do I get this error after a fresh install of VM? See also attached screenshot.

Post-Installation Wizard
Virus scanning A problem occurred testing the ClamAV server scanner :

ERROR: Can't connect to clamd: No such file or directory

----------- SCAN SUMMARY ----------- Infected files: 0 Time: 0.000 sec (0 m 0 s)



Is the clamd process running on your system? You can check with a command like ps auxwwww | grep clamd

Please note that when you just finished the setup of VM you see this. this is an error....... Which should not be there after a fresh install. am i right? So its not about what is running or not.

The issue you're seeing doesn't occur under most circumstances -- we're not sure why that's occurring, so we'll need to troubleshoot why you're seeing that message.

If you could run this command, that would help with the troubleshooting process:

ps auxwwww | grep clamd

Fyi that this error was seen by me on all my 6 individual fresh installs of ubuntu 12.04lts with VM.

I think that after some reboots (af t er the fresh installation) the service is running. But its nit a nice message to read after a new/fresh install.

Why am i writing and reporting this?: just to help you to improve VM. :-)

Thanks for the feedback - this is useful to improve Virtualmin.

Did you happen to run that ps command when the error was happening to see if clamd was running?