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I searched around a bit, but I thought I would ask you this:

We're about to put up new hosting servers in a new datacenter. Then we plan to migrate the virtual servers from the old Virtualmin Pro system and take it down.

We have one Virtualmin Pro and one Virtualmin GPL used mailny as second DNS server.

On the existing VM Pro server, we have had terrible problems with DoS and script kiddies. It has been a terrible waste of time and emotionally expensive. ;-)

I ended up using Fail2Ban, but it was a pain to get it all working and I have to re-learn it every time I have to work on it. Bad memory...

So, is there or are you folks working on some sort of IDS or security tool for Virtualmin?

Or, do you have any recommendations for the best/easiest to maintain tool for Virtualmin? Is Fail2Ban the best/easiest tool?

We plan to upgrade to CentOS 6 as the host OS and we strongly prefer packages for maintainability, with the fewest repos necessary.

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I personally use "ConfigServer Security&Firewall" aka CSF/LFD. Among other things it has fail2ban like features ("Login Failure Daemon"), but is in my view much easier to configure, and there's a Webmin module for it.

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I figured I'd chime in and say I'm a fan of "ossec" which can be downloaded from:

Once installed, it just works!

*** naturally you can customize it if you wish, but the defaults generally work fine for me out of the box. ***

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