Backup global settings

Hi this is probably just out of date but I was following the instructions here:

And when I attempt to create the schedule I get the following error:

Failed to save scheduled backup : No domains selected to backup

The error message makes sense as I've selected no domains but now it won't let me make a backup of my global settings.

Thanks, Aaron



Howdy -- yeah the global settings can't be backed up by themselves, a backup of them is generated whenever another backup is running.

That is, next scheduled for or Incremental backup that includes any domains, if configured to do so, Virtualmin will include a backup of all the Virtualmin settings.

If you'd like a backup now, as a workaround, you could always tell it to backup a small domain now, and then it'll generate the settings backup you're looking for.

Ahh OK that makes sense in that it seemed that way to me already. I wouldn't have even tried to do it but I read that section in the documentation and thought "what the hell! I'll try it".