Cloudmin Services plugin

I've recently purchased Cloudmin and am working on converting my production servers over to it. I have read about the Cloudmin Services module, but I can't find it anywhere. This forum post is the best answer I could find as to where I can get it: So, I'm following the instructions in that post and submitting a ticket requesting it :) Thank you in advance!



5+ weeks and not a single response? What did I pay money for if support is this lacking???

Sorry, I must have missed this post.

Cloudmin services is a separate project that is currently being alpha-tested by a few users. I'd be happy to issue you a licence - however, it is useful only for sites that have multiple systems running Virtualmin and want to centralize services like MySQL or DNS hosting. Does that match your setup?

Yes, that is exactly why I am interested. I purchased Cloudmin partially for the management of locally virtualized VMs, but also to manage multiple local and remote Virtualmin nodes. I am ultimately looking to build some redundancy (aside from plain round robin DNS) across web and email services running on these Virtualmin nodes and have read that the services module can make this better/easier. I am most interested in the centralized DNS management so that I can hopefully create some better redundancy for production machines.

Ok, I have issued you a licence for Cloudmin services. To install it, run the following on your master system :

wget -O\?serial=5559286\&key=ZXMVLKOWZN

Further docs on it are available at , at the bottom of the page.