Best method to transfer dedicated IP virtual accounts

I know this has been discussed before and even I brought it up as a upgrade solution, but what do you think would be the best way to transfer virtual servers between two Virtualmin machines when the domain has a dedicated IP? If you delete the first account you can restore using a backup file and it can use the very same IP. However, you run the risk that the backup file won't work and you just deleted a working account.

This is more worrisome when you can't change the IP because you may not be in charge of the customers DNS. It is not often, but it does happen and then you really don't want to change the IP. How would you approach this moving of accounts? Is there a best way? If there was a way to change the IP easily, you could change the IP in the first server, then install a backup file on the new target machine with the original IP, and finally if it works delete the first account. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to easily change a virtual server IP or am I missing something.



There is a quick and easy way to change a server's IP address: Go to "Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> Change IP Address".