Perl execution failed

This is a new server with only about 15 domain on it and now this. Not sure where to go from here. It happens when we try to load the Server Templates.

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/1.660 Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 04:08:46 GMT Content-type: text/html; Charset=iso-8859-1 Connection: close

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &virtual_server::ui_link called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/edit_newtmpl.cgi line 15.

This is what is in that file:

!/usr/bin/perl Display all virtual server templates

require './'; &can_edit_templates() || &error($text{'newtmpl_ecannot'}); &ui_print_header(undef, $text{'newtmpl_title'}, "");

Build list of templates

@tmpls = &list_templates(); foreach $t (@tmpls) { next if ($t->{'deleted'}); local @fcs; foreach $w ('web', 'dns', 'ftp', 'logrotate', 'mail_on') { ($sw = $w) =~ s/_on$//; push(@fcs, $t->{$w} eq "none" ? $text{'newtmpl_none'} : $t->{$w} eq "" ? $text{'default'} : ui_link("edit_tmpl.cgi?id=$t->{'id'}&editmode=$sw", $text{'newtmpl_cust'})); } $scripts = &list_template_scripts($t); $smesg = $scripts eq "none" ? $text{'newtmpl_none'} : @$scripts ? scalar(@$scripts) : $t->{'default'} ? $text{'newtmpl_none'} : $text{'default'}; if ($virtualmin_pro) { push(@fcs, ui_link("edit_tmpl.cgi?id=$t->{'id'}&". "editmode=scripts", $smesg)); } push(@table, [ { 'type' => 'checkbox', 'name' => 'd', 'value' => $t->{'id'}, 'disabled' => $t->{'standard'} }, ui_link("edit_tmpl.cgi?id=$t->{'id'}", $t->{'name'}), $t->{'skel'} eq "none" ? $text{'newtmpl_none'} : $t->{'skel'} eq "" ? $text{'default'} : "$t->{'skel'}", @fcs, $t->{'created'} ? &make_date($t->{'created'}, 1) : "$text{'newtmpl_init'}" ]); $deletable++ if (!$t->{'standard'}); }

Show the table of templates

print &ui_form_columns_table( "delete_tmpls.cgi", $deletable ? [ [ "delete", $text{'newtmpl_delete'} ] ] : [ ], 0, [ [ "edit_tmpl.cgi?new=1&cp=1", $text{'newtmpl_add2'} ], [ "edit_tmpl.cgi?new=1", $text{'newtmpl_add1'} ] ], undef, [ "", $text{'newtmpl_name'}, $text{'newtmpl_skel'}, $text{'newtmpl_web'}, $text{'newtmpl_dns'}, $text{'newtmpl_ftp'}, $text{'newtmpl_logrotate'}, $text{'newtmpl_mail'}, $virtualmin_pro ? ( $text{'newtmpl_scripts'} ) : ( ), $text{'newtmpl_created'} ], 100, \@table);

&ui_print_footer("", $text{'index_return'});

Suggestions would be very welcome. I am lost here.

Scott Hirsch



Yes, worked like a charm. Sorry, I posted my success to the wrong thread but the server is working great now. Thanks.

I spoke too soon. I was trying to install a WordPress site and thought what if there is an IP conflict because after a half dozen attempts I just got an error that the WordPress install could not connect to the database.

So now that I can get to the template IP section I configured a new IP range and the website was created on the new IP range with no issue. The WP script installs and I get the same "can't connect to the database" error. The existing website work. Thanks God.

The database is there and the WP config file appears fine to. But still get the same error when I go to

This is another "never happened before" which as pretty been my day so far about a dozen times over. :-) Just don't know where do go from here. Can a wiser head give me an idea of what they would do? I am out of ideas and did not have that many to start with.


That wordpress issue looks like an unrelated problem - can you open a separate bug about this?