Sudden failure of inbox in usermin


I've been using webmin/virtualmin happily for some time. I moved servers a few weeks ago and everything went really well. Has been working fine since then.

But today, when checking email, the usermin inbox went nuts. Basically it doesn't display emails any more, but just a row of special characters.

I've attached a screenshot.

It's not browser or device specific as I've tried it on Nexus and Mac and get the same results.

The emails are all still there and accesible through virtualmin > email settings > click on email inbox mail file

All the other mail folders e.g. Sent mail, Drafts, etc. still work.

And now, weirdly enough, the issue seems to have cleared by itself, but it took about an hour to do so.

Any idea what it was/could be/how I might avoid it in future? I do have a couple of thousand emails stored on the server, but the email disk quota is double the used amount. Any ideas?





Wow, that is really wierd!

Did you perhaps recently receive email with an unusual character set, and then delete it?

I did renew some domains at a Chinese registrar, so it's possible that they replied with some chinese characters in. But I only got one email when I would have expected two. Perhaps something weird happened to the other one?

I did delete the first one and a bunch of other emails too. And the problem seems like it cleared after a period of time.

Thought you might find it interesting. It freaked me out for a bit, but all seems good again now.

Ok .. unfortunately it is hard to debug this unless it can be re-produced.

Indeed. Not to worry. I suppose the only thing I can do is give you access to the server if it happens again.

But I hope it doesn't happen again.