Name Servers

I have two name servers/machines running on two different IPs, viz ns03 and ns04. They both have rDNS set up by my ISP.

ns03 is the first one and ns04 is the second one.

But a particular website is being served from ns04 instead of ns03. ns03 has the most updated content for this site in question. Do i have to keep both machines updated with the same content as hosting provider or is there another way around it or is there an automated way to do it?

I am afraid it may happen to other websites too on both machines!

Is it all at the mercy of the DNS? Does DNS do it just randomly that I have no control over?

If that is the case, Is there a way to control which Name Server serves which website through DNS ?

Feel free to ask more questions if not clear...



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Submitted by bislinks on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 13:50 Pro Licensee

Further explanation with example. The site in question is was served from ns03.

All was well, until today, when I noticed 404 errors for this site in ns03.

Then I understood/realized that it is being served from ns04 which does not contain updated content for this website. I did not make any changes in the NSs for this domain recently.

So it looks like resolves to , but resolves to You should determine which of those IPs is correct, and then correct your DNS entries to use the right IP.