What's the best way to delete old DNS records?

Seemingly stupid question but I'm not sure the best way to do this... We have a customer that is no longer with us, They were running the gpl version of Virtualmin and were tied into our DNS servers. The virtual server (that was running Virtualmin) has been deleted, however, there are "stale" dns entries in our system that they setup through VM when using it.

What's the best way to remove those entries since we no longer have access to the "master"?



Howdy -- so just to clarify, are you saying that there are DNS records on your server belonging to a particular domain, but that those DNS records aren't associated with a Virtual Server?

Also, is that particular server running Virtualmin?

Let me try again.

We have 3 DNS servers in 3 geographic locations, we have multiple Virtualmin servers that act as masters which propagate the DNS records for their servers to our 3 public DNS servers.

One of our customers closed their account, however, their through their virtualmin instance they created multiple domains (they had a private vps running virtualmin). All of this worked as it was supposed to at this point.

When they closed their account we deleted their server, in other words we deleted a master dns server. So now, our our 3 pubic DNS server we have records that don't have a valid master.

What is the best way to delete those records?

-- Craig

On your slave servers, you can just use Webmin's BIND module to delete the orphaned slave zones. That will remove them from the configuration and also delete their zone files which contain all the records.

OK, we'll do that on each slave - thanks!

You're welcome! Yes, it probably won't be possible to do this on all slaves at once through one action. That would have been possible if the Virtualmin master was still there -- if you delete a domain there, it's auto-deleted on all registered BIND Cluster Slaves as well.