unable to install clam onto system

i cna't paste the results in here...the simple is I try to install clamav and i get a dependency error. does virtualmin have the most current versions or do i need to head to rpmforge? apparently there's also a version built into centos 5 base but it's having version conflicts too. Any ideas?



Howdy -- I suspect you're seeing an issue related to having a third party repository enabled, or possibly a version of ClamAV installed from another repo.

We would recommend disabling any third party repositories, as many of those are known to cause problems.

Are you using Virtualmin GPL there though?

If so, we can give you a hand, but the best place to do that is over in the Forums. We monitor those, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community!

If you're still having problems after disabling any third party repositories, go ahead and open up a new Forum thread, and paste in the full output of the error you're receiving, and include the output of "rpm -qa | grep clam". Thanks!